ov_eval::Statistics struct

Statistics object for a given set scalar time series values.


Ensure that you call the calculate() function to update the values before using them. This will compute all the final results from the values in values vector.

Public functions

void calculate()
Will calculate all values from our vectors of information.
void clear()
Will clear any old values.

Public variables

double rmse
Root mean squared for the given values.
double mean
Mean of the given values.
double median
Median of the given values.
double std
Standard deviation of given values.
double max
Max of the given values.
double min
Min of the given values.
double ninetynine
99th percentile
std::vector<double> timestamps
Timestamp when these values occured at.
std::vector<double> values
Values (e.g. error or nees at a given time)
std::vector<double> values_bound
Bound of these values (e.g. our expected covariance bound)