ov_init namespace

State initialization code.


Right now this contains static and dynamic initialization code for a visual-inertial system. It will wait for the platform to stationary, and then initialize its orientation in the gravity frame.

If the platform is not stationary then we leverage dynamic initialization to try to recover the initial state. This is an implementation of the work Estimator initialization in vision-aided inertial navigation with unknown camera-IMU calibration [5] which solves the initialization problem by first creating a linear system for recovering tthe velocity, gravity, and feature positions. After the initial recovery, a full optimization is performed to allow for covariance recovery.


class DynamicInitializer
Initializer for a dynamic visual-inertial system.
class Factor_GenericPrior
Factor for generic state priors for specific types.
class Factor_ImageReprojCalib
Factor of feature bearing observation (raw) with calibration.
class Factor_ImuCPIv1
Factor for IMU continuous preintegration version 1.
class InertialInitializer
Initializer for visual-inertial system.
struct InertialInitializerOptions
Struct which stores all options needed for state estimation.
class InitializerHelper
Has a bunch of helper functions for dynamic initialization (should all be static)
class Simulator
Master simulator class that generated visual-inertial measurements.
class State_JPLQuatLocal
JPL quaternion CERES state parameterization.
class StaticInitializer
Initializer for a static visual-inertial system.