ov_msckf::NoiseManager struct

Struct of our imu noise parameters.


Public functions

void print()
Nice print function of what parameters we have loaded.

Public variables

double sigma_w
Gyroscope white noise (rad/s/sqrt(hz))
double sigma_w_2
Gyroscope white noise covariance.
double sigma_wb
Gyroscope random walk (rad/s^2/sqrt(hz))
double sigma_wb_2
Gyroscope random walk covariance.
double sigma_a
Accelerometer white noise (m/s^2/sqrt(hz))
double sigma_a_2
Accelerometer white noise covariance.
double sigma_ab
Accelerometer random walk (m/s^3/sqrt(hz))
double sigma_ab_2
Accelerometer random walk covariance.